Finding Direction

After making multiple models, sketching, and taking a creative break, I came back to this project with a refreshed view. I combined my previous experiments together and started to think about how the frame could contribute to the design in two ways: first by actin as a support for the shade and second by affecting the light pattern to create visual excitement. I sketched some initial ideas, then quickly moved to full-scale model-building with cardboard and card stock.

In a last-ditch effort to create something with coloured tissue paper, I attached pieces of tissue to a large frame. This model created a nice glow and would have been a good choice to develop further. However, I decided to work towards a more geometric shape shade.

I liked the geometric shapes that were inspired by my previous model making. I purchased a light fitting and started to build a full-scale, functional cardboard prototype, shown in the images below. The yellow card created a nice glow and the cut-outs produced light patterns on the wall.

The combination of glow and light patterns created on the wall by this prototype is ideal for a yoga studio. The lamp gives off ambient light, and the patterns can be used as focal points in meditation.

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