Multiple Models

After my initial experiments with basic card and cut or crumpled paper, I began to experiment with more structured shade models.

I attempted to combine what I had observed from my initial experiments into a single shade. I aimed layer paper and combine it with crumpled tissue paper to to create a shade that produced a pattern of light on the wall. I liked the overall effect, but the elements didn’t work together in the way I had hoped visually. The cloud-like shape made from the tissue looked slightly out of place.

Building on this model, I removed the cloud shape and experimented with different coloured tissue paper and card paper to get different colour effects. I used different geometric shapes to create an interesting design.

In the interest of rapid prototyping, I used a shoebox for my structure on the above model and a drinks box for the below one. I went for a simplified version for my next rapid model to see the difference it would make to the light.

I then created a model with bent card combined with scrunched coloured tissue paper inside. This model created an interesting effect; however, the coloured tissue paper overly diffused the light and prevented the light from creating a pattern.

I sketched various ideas on how to further develop this design, but did not find a direction that I was confident would give me the effects I was looking for. I decided to take a break from developing this line of design for a bit.

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