Creating Rough Models and Sketches

After my initial drawings, I moved onto working with cardboard to visualize pieces in 3D and to see if making decisions with my hands would help my creativity. Working through some playful solutions, I used rough sketching combined with cardboard to explore a variety of ideas.

In addition to working with cardboard and making sketches and notes, I went over my interview transcripts with Kelly and Samantha and my notes from our meetings.

The research pointed towards three main behaviours or activities; stand, task and lounge. I didn’t want to just make one piece for each but to address the 3 activities with pieces that worked together.

I settled on a board of some kind (whiteboard, divider, maybe tech?), height-adjustable table/ worksurface (lounge to standing) and a transformable chair (bench, lounge, task). I then moved on to refining these ideas.

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