Receiving Responses

The completed kits were sent to the participants homes and they were asked to complete the work within 2 weeks. Later extra time was given as it was over the Easter weekend.

Out of the 3 agreed participants, I received 2 partially completed responses.

Participant 1

Participant 1 did not complete the back of the t-shirt as they “made a mistake at the back and … got really upset and refused to carry on”. Perfectionism is a common trait amongst 2e children, so this is not entirely surprising. Especially considering the time and thought evident in the work completed for the front of the shirt. (13/04/2022)

The arm band from Participant 1 was received a week later. It was nice to see that they re-visited the project.

Participant 1 – Aged 10 (identified gifted with ASD and ADHD)

Participant 2

Participant 2 submitted just the armband of the project. They identified as self-diagnosed, which was OK for this project as it can be difficult sometimes to get a formal diagnosis. (22/04/2022)

Participant 2- Aged 8 (self- identified gifted with ASD, ADHD and OCD traits)

Participant 3

Participant 3’s parent confirmed that the kit was received, and asked for extra time to complete it. They were followed up with, but no completed response was received.

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