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I am joined by guests Kelsey Smart and Kate Litcharska for a conversation on virtual reality, emerging technology and the future of our relationship with a technologically enhanced reality. The primary readings read in preparation for this episode are; Alone Together by Sherry Turkle, The Theory of Affordances by James J. Gibson (Chapter 9), and The Uncanny Valley by Masahiro Mori.

Click here to view the written submission for the readings in Block 2.

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This was my first podcast, and admittedly I was not looking forward to it. I had thought (like many others) that my recorded voice sounded weird. As it turns out, with the proper equipment it was cool, and ended up being fun.

I did select a topic I was comfortable with but not the most passionate about out of our groups list of ideas. This was because as a guest you get to talk more than the host, and I didn’t want to risk speaking too much in the host role.

I did struggle a little bit with controlling the conversation, and getting to the points on my prepped sheet, but we did have a good conversation with interesting ideas that came out of it. There wasn’t anything particularly new or surprising in the discussion that I wasn’t expecting based on the readings and some small chats before the recording of the podcast.

I would say my attitude towards being on a podcast has done a 360 as a result of this experience. If I was asked to be a guest on another one, I don’t think I would be as hesitant as I was at the start of this assignment.