Zine SUbmission

Creative Destruction

A self-published mini-magazine commenting on the two texts; “Making: Knowing From The Inside” by Tim Ingold and “Design Away: Unmaking Things” by Cameron Tonkinwise.



Submission Format: Digital & Physical

Brief: Create a Zine to demonstrate comprehension of both assigned readings through the dissemination of key complimentary or contrasting information found within the texts. Must have 5 points of information (minimum) including a minimum of 2x visual pieces and 2x written pieces. The impact of the Zine must also be tracked.

Readings: Click here to view written submission for the readings.

Process and Development

I started this project by comparing the two readings to find similarities or contrasting positions. I also explored different types of zine constructions (ways to fold them). Once I had decided on the idea of the zine having instructions on how to fold into another object, I looked for different ideas online of origami examples. The glasses idea fit best with what I was trying to convey. I tried a variety of different styles and settled on the one that would give me the best surface area for adding visuals. I folded and unfolded test sheets to explore where to put the visual elements on the zine so they worked both folded and unfolded.

Creative Destruction Presents:

Make, Break & Create

Below shows the digital copy of my zine.

Zine Front

Zine Back


Join the discussion below, how do you feel about the issues raised in the Zine? 

Want to learn more about the readings? Click here to view the written submissions for the readings.

Try out the instructions below for a fun way to ‘destroy’ the Zine, or post your own ideas.

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