Shadow & Shade

Minta Lamp

Exploring shadow and shade to produce a soft but striking lamp ideal for the home yoga studio.

Minta 16x9


Brief: The brief for this project was to design and prototype a domestic light fixture that produced beautiful, intriguing, dynamic, and/or artistic patterns of shadow and shade. The product had to be made from flat materials that could be formed into a 3D shape by the end user.

Product name chosen: Minta means pattern in Hungarian.

Process and Development

My process for this project followed a non-linear path, focussing on experimentation. I began by experimenting with a variety of paper and card material. I created numerous initial models using these materials. After choosing one design direction, I moved to sketching but didn’t find a proper direction. I started in my sketchbook again, moved back to creating hand crafted cardboard models – after doing a 360 and finally finding a design direction I felt I could progress, I proceeded to CAD work. I then created prototypes using the laser machine out of MDF and card paper to refine the design further.

Journal Entries - Research Through Design​

The following are entries in my design journal in relation to this project. These concentrate on the process of research through design and experimentation. Starting from initial experiments and through to prototypes.

Initial Experiments

I started the process of producing patterns of shadow and shade by experimenting with different materials. Working with white paper and card, I held these materials up to different light...

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Multiple Models

After my initial experiments with basic card and cut or crumpled paper, I began to experiment with more structured shade models. I attempted to combine what I had observed from...

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Finding Direction

After making multiple models, sketching, and taking a creative break, I came back to this project with a refreshed view. I combined my previous experiments together and started to think...

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CAD Development

After decideing on the design direction and creating a full-scale model by hand, I moved onto CAD drawing. I also considered how to attach the shade to the frame and...

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Bring something new to your home Yoga studio

Final Project Realisation

Below are images of the final project realisation for this submission, along with the assembly instructions.

Additional Images

Click on the slider arrows to scroll through images of my project solution. This light is designed to work in a yoga studio type setting as it gives off both an attractive glow and a pattern. The glow helps with the mood in the room and the pattern gives yogis something to meditate on. The lamp would also work well in a relaxing home environment.

Assembly Instructions

This light is designed to be flat packed for shipping to the end user. As some assembly is required, assembly instructions are included in the box. [Click on the slider arrows to scroll through the assembly instructions].