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Penguin Platform

A digital application that brings the best of Penguin together with new exciting content, built-in game experience, and an advanced search function.

Penquin Layout


Competition Submission: D&AD New Bloods 2021 Penguin Brief

Submission Format: 8x JPEG files

Brief: Reimagine the role of books, reading and authors for secondary school students in the UK (11-18 year olds) and enable young adults to engage with a wider range of books and authors who reflect a diverse and inclusive society.

Process and Development

I started this project by interviewing a subject matter expert to gain more understanding of their perspectives. From this the Penguin Platform was born.

After that I started the design phase with some very rough hand sketches and notes. After roughing out some ideas, the rest of my design process was done through different versions on the computer.

This project had two previous versions prior to the final submission to the D&AD, click the below to download the different PDF’s to see the project’s progression.

After receiving feedback around the clarity of my submission (version 2), I decided to remove the tablet and concentrate on effectively communicating the app itself and the impact / value of it. This is how I ended up at my final submission.

Click on the red buttons below to see my work.

Final submission to D&AD new blood

Presentation Boards

Young adults need to be more engaged in reading for pleasure and education, but nearly 40% of 14-16-year-olds need help to find reading material that interests them. They need authors or characters they can relate to, an engaging platform and inclusive alternatives to traditional reading materials.