Core Skills

As part of DES11153 Design Specialism in an Interdisciplinary World we developed a variety of core skills, including both practical skills and research methods.

Core Skills: Practical

The practical skills component of this course required us to document our self-directed learning of additional skills that support our design practice. There were set workshops, such as Literature Searching and the Online Portfolio Workshop which were provided as part of the course. The remainder of the requirement was individual to each student and we selected what skills we wanted to work on as well as how to develop them.

Below are links to my journal post describing my development of a variety of practical core skills, through online videos, one-on-one tutoring, self-teaching and workshops.

Core Skills: Research Methods

Click on the links below to view my research project pages for DES11153 Design Specialism in an Interdisciplinary World (Research Methods).

People and Place

Haptics and Bodies


Collaborative Research Proposal