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The 2e/DME community in the UK is particularly small. Numbers which are available for England show that out of 8.9 million pupils, only 60,000 are currently identified as 2e/DME. As such, connecting with this community was difficult. When I was identified as a child, I was the only 2e/DME child in my home town.

I initially reached out to Potential Plus UK and the University of Glasgow’s Scottish Network for Able Pupils to see if they wanted to collaborate on this area, they were the only 2 charities that indicated 2e/DME on their website (both are primarily Gifted charities). Unfortunately I was unable to connect at the right time and get set up with one of these charities. I messaged some others across the UK, Canada and the US, but with limited sucess.

I finally reached out to Mensa UK using their online form, and to my surprise they replied and put me in contact with Lyn Kendall who supported this project with advice and connection to her online group of parents with 2e/DME children. She asked me to produce a poster to be put on the page looking for participants, and this is what was approved:

Poster approved by Lyn.

Given the small size of this community, it is not surprising the difficulty found in obtaining research partners, however some participants did come forward and you can see more about this project and their designs on the project page.

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