MA Product Design Making

FreeForm (Vessel)

Experimenting with human controlled rapid prototyping through additive processes. Using the 3D Doodler to create a freeform vessel.  Inspirational imagery Vessel Definitions a curved container that is used to hold liquid: The remains of some Roman earthenware vessels were found during the dig. a tube that carries liquids such as blood through the body: A heart attack is caused by the blood vessels that supply the blood to the heart muscle getting blocked. a person [object or entity] who has a particular quality or who is used for a particular purpose: As a young and spirited politician, he seems a worthy vessel for the nation’s hopes. Rapid Prototyping Prototyping …

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Contactfull Storyboarding

As part of the design development process I created the following storyboard as a proposal for a commercial, but also an analysis of the user experience. Storyboard ACTION   Open on box graphic of 2D characters and images. Expand out images from screen and move characters closer together.   Character 1 string phone starts to …

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