Francesca Dare

Subject Report

Experimentation, making, and hands-on modelling Now the course is over, I can look back and say ‘Making as Thinking’ is a fitting name for this module. Before the industrial revolution, craftspeople made things through long-established traditions learned through extensive apprenticeships (Cross, 2021). In this traditional craft or ‘making’ society, design was integrated into the creation of …

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WordPress: Redesigning my Portfolio Website

On the 22nd of Feb 2021 I attended the Online Portfolio Workshop hosted by my lecturers at Napier. We were shown how WordPress works in general and we’re given tips on navigation and organising out content for the purposes of submitting out assignments through an online portfolio. I had limited experience with WordPress over 7 …

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Videos (GIFs on project page)

Below are videos of the Angeline Furniture line that are shown as GIFs on the Angeline Furniture project page. Table Chair Board   This post relates to a project page, view the project page to see other related posts and outcomes. Go to Project Page Return to Design Summary on Project Page

Table Mechanism Development

While working on the computer models of how to make the table height adjustable (in concept), I started thinking about different ways to change the height of the table and looked into what types of solutions were already on the market. There are four main ways the height-adjustable tables work are designed (Knighton, 2018); Crank, …

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Life Drawing Skills

When I started my drawing skills sessions, it was also recommended to me that I join an online life drawing group. They have meetings on Monday nights, where a different model each week will pose in different positions, and everyone draws. Pose times range from 2 minutes, 5 minutes, up to 20 minutes, music playing …

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Modelling and User Feedback

I arranged a series of quick catch-ups with Samantha (interviewee/end-user) to show some of my project’s progress and to get initial impressions. (Kelly was not available at this stage due to scheduling) I started by explaining where I had got to with my research and how my idea refinement had translated into into the three …

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