About me

I am Francesca, a Napier University product design masters student with professional analyst experience.

I dare to think big and challenge the status quo. It’s true, says right there in my name (fun intended).

I have a passion for design and thrive in a creative environment. I am often asked to assist in tasks above and beyond the standard role description due to my ability to see the big picture and approach problems from a different perspective.

My design training has helped me in recent years with my Analyst roles as I approach tasks using Design Thinking (otherwise known as ‘outside the box’ thinking). Conversely, my analyst experience means I approach my design & creative work using analytical tools to produce well thought out solutions. I work to fully understand the problem, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems to identify alternative strategies that might not be instantly apparent at the beginning. 

Completed Education

Awarded Certifications

SCRUM Study – Accreditation Body for Scrum and Agile


Undergraduate Work

A selection of works completed while I was a student at Ryerson University studying for my Bachelor of Interior Design.

Postgraduate Work

A selection of works completed in the 1st year of my Product Design Making Masters course at Edinburgh Napier University.

Volunteering in Ghana

This project was a Ryerson organised interdisciplinary project to build a school in a rural village in Ghana.

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